Aluminium Venetians

Our Aluminium Venetians systems vary depending on thickness of bladed and place of application. Venetian blinds also improve household energy efficiency and offer protection from harmful UV rays.

    16mm Easytilt Aluminium Venetians

        The unique Easytilt mechanism makes blind adjusting a breeze. With just two and a half turns of the wand the blind can go from fully opened to fully closed. The Easytilt built-in clutch also prevents tilter breakages that may occur when standard wands are forcefully over rotated. 

    25mm Easytilt

        Like the 16mm Easytilt, our 25mm mechanism allows the blind to go from fully opened to fully closed in just two and a half turns of the wand. In this case, with a wider slat. 

    25mm Easytilt Midnighter

        Features all the benefits of other Easytilt blinds. Has the addition of holes punched towards the back of the slat together with a 7mm overlap to conceal the cord hole, offering the ultimate in light control. 

    25mm Monocommand

        With the Hi-Light Monocommand Venetian system, a single chain controls all of the blind’s functions: opening, closing, raising and lowering.
        Offering complete light and shade control the Hi-Light Monocommand Venetian system suits large and small window spaces, and complements architectural styles in both residential and commercial settings. 

    50mm Wideline

        A classic window covering choice, 50mm Wideline Venetians compact neatly for minimal stacking bulk.
        Hi-Light 50mm Wideline Venetians differ slightly from our other Venetians in that they operate using two sets of cords instead of the traditional wand. One set of cords is used to tilt the blind, while the other is used to open and close slats.

        Offering excellent light and shade control, Hi-Light 50mm Wideline Venetians are ideal for large span windows.

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