Plantation Shutters

Hi-Light Cedar Plantation Shutters are proudly made in Australia from only the best Plantation grown western red cedar and are the very essence of classic style and sleek function to complement your architectural design, décor and the modern look of Today.
They provide a contemporary feel to a classic design and custom made to suit your individual needs and tastes
The fashion colour range is endless with choices of oiled or lacquered finishes with the warm glow of light, medium or dark grain plantation cedar or even a more modern painted range of colour in standard or custom paint to colour match your existing interior.
While Plantation Shutters will look fantastic and be a real feature from the inside and the outside of your home. No other product can do this. Blade sizes can be 55mm, 75mm or even 85mm wide.
Shutters can fit most window or doorway and can be fixed, hinged, bi-fold or sliding and give your home a certain appeal and warmth superior to many other window furnishing products.
Perhaps even as a feature or dividing wall shutters can lend your home that tropical feel.
Low maintenance and easy to clean finishes are all part of your Hi-Light experience Cedar shutters provide warmth in the winter and will shade your windows in even the hottest summer and is one of the few window products that can do multiple jobs in one beautiful unit:
Privacy – Close the blades to give total privacy or even open them slightly in the up position and you will have light in the room but no one can see in. With the provision of a midrail you can even open the top section for full light and leave the bottom section fully closed for total privacy.
Light Control – Angle the cedar blades in different directions to increase or decrease lighting so you can create different moods within the same room. Even when the blades are fully horizontal it is hard to see in from the outside during the day.
Hi-Light Cedar Plantation Shutters can be custom made for you in many special shapes and finishes including circular, half round, triangular, angles top or bottoms and the traditional rectangular shutter shape.
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