Roman Blinds

To Be or Not to Be a Roman Blind
Roman Indoor Blinds have become a great alternative when considering a window treatment for your New or Existing home. The current popularity of this versatile shade has meant that fabric manufacturers have actually designed materials that will perform and hang in a manner that will look great and enhance the look and feel of your home. I am sure everyone has seen an example of a home made Roman that just do not hang right and look like they have been under the bed for months.
This is not due to a lack of skill of the home seamstress but more to do with being able to get the right fabric that has been designed for the purpose so that it is stiffened and woven so that it will hang correctly. Some of our New Premium Range of Roman Materials have actually been Pre-Shrunk in an oven to prevent that sagging and stretching that happens to most materials that are hung vertically on a window. Romans by nature started out as light allowing
Thin material which was designed to give a casual beach house effect reminiscent of sandy beaches and flowing palms. Today our clients demand more and wish to decorate all areas of the home with Blockout for bedrooms and light allowing fabrics for the living areas and there are fabrics to answer your every need. As with all products, you get what you pay for, but today’s Roman Blinds need not break the bank and will suit all budgets.
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