Canvas Awnings

Canvas Awnings are generally made from a cotton/ nylon mix which will look great and outperform most similar products. Those of the older vintage will remember the wet blanket on the window trick and how well it worked and is very similar to today’s Evaporative cooling. Air flow through the fabric allows the canvas to breathe reducing heat and the harmful fading of carpet and furniture caused by ultraviolet rays. Airflow is the primary reason that all good canvas awnings do not sit flat to the window but standout on an angle allowing an air gap behind the blind.
Spring Operated Variable Locking Heights.
On a hot day you will benefit from wetting your blind down as it will keep you cooler, help remove any dirt and remove any wrinkles from being rolled up for long periods over winter.
Canvas Awnings will be quite often left half way down all year which is fine if that is the look you want but if you do not want fading to be obvious then you would be best advised to roll your awning up when not in use and pulled right down when needed.
Metal working parts of a good quality awning will not require any sort of lubricant and can actually do harm to the specially treated fittings not to mention the mess oil and grease can make.
Cleaning your Canvas Awning is best achieved by first soaking the blind with a hose inside and out, but don’t forget to close your windows first, and then with a bucket mix of warm water and a mild detergent, proceed to wash the blind down with a soft hair broom. Rinse off excess detergent and leave your blind down to dry. Scrubbing the blind with a stiff brush will remove the colour. Care will keep your blinds looking fabulous.
For the many styles of Decorative or functional awnings please give us a call and we will make and design a blind that will help keep your cool this hot summer.
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