Folding Arm Awnings

LUXAFLEX® Folding Arm Awnings are retractable Awnings which extend your living area by protecting it from the harsh external sun. Awnings are a beautiful addition to your home, perfect for patios, terraces and large floor to ceiling windows.
The Folding Arm Awnings can extend/project up to 3.6m off the wall and can be operated automatically when combined with sensors, manually by using a crank handle or electronically motorised.
Folding Arm Awnings retract neatly back to the wall. When extended, your shaded space is unobstructed by posts or beams.

    Ventura Available in Fixed & Variable Pitched

        LUXAFLEX® Bedarra Awnings are an extremely versatile option designed to allow you to adjust the angle of the awning using the user-friendly pitch adjustment mechanism.

        Perfect for courtyards, patios and verandas in widths of up to 12 metres and projections up to 3.6 metres to protect and shade your home from the sun. 

        LUXAFLEX® Bedarra Awnings are the cost effective solution for mounting under eaves or balconies as they’re not encased in a headbox. A headbox can be purchased as an option. 

    Garda Semi-Cassette Available in Fixed Pitched Only

        The Semi-cassette Awning utilises a front rail to protect the awning hardware when it is not fully extended. The Awning will retract neatly and can have colour coordinated components.

        The Semi Cassette Awning spans up to 16 metres in width with a projection of 3.6 metres to provide you with shade and protection when required. 

    Como Cassette Available in Fixed Pitched Only

        The Monaco Awning is the ultimate in stylish external shading for large patios, poolsides and terraces without unsightly posts or beam. When retracted the fabric and awning mechanism is protected from the elements by a sleek fully enclosed head box and front rail.

        The Monaco Folding Arm Awning provides ease and convenience for your outdoor living and expands to widths of 10 metres with a projection of 3.6 metres to protect and shade your home.

        Folding Arm Awnings offer one of the most flexible and functional shading solutions for your home or business. Suited to areas of any size, a Folding Arm Awning will create a shaded outdoor area over a patio, balcony, courtyard or deck.

        The Folding Arm Awning is easily operated by either crank handle or motorisation, with the option of remote control and automatic sun and wind sensors. The option of adjustable pitch allows for maximum sun and rain protection. Manufactured from either acrylic or woven fabrics, Folding Arm Awnings allow for maximum airflow and ventilation.

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