Vertiscreen is the answer when your pathways are close to the windows and safety is important to you and your family.
Don’t swelter when Hi-Light can quickly and effectively solve all of your window and heat problems.
These modern design blinds are manually operated with a crank handle or can be motorized for internal control from the comfort of your chair.
Vertiscreen is an exterior vertical blind sun protection system from Europe, with a modern slim-line look.
The features and benefits of this outdoor blind include:
  • Enclose a patio or pergola and keep the weather out, but still have the flexibility to open it up as required.
  • Helps in insulating the home from weather extremes, by keeping out the rain, keeping the wind away and reducing the glare of a hot day.
  • Stop the sunlight streaming in on the sides, particularly on a bay window.
  • Ensure your privacy, no one can sneak a peak around the side of the blind.
  • Keep the heat completely away from the window (depends on your choice of fabric).
  • No protrusions to hit or bump when used in narrow access areas.
  • Simple easy operation & low maintenance
The Vertiscreen range of products has been specifically designed for Australian conditions, offering the very best in style, privacy and sun protection.
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