Heritage Designs

We Have Captured the Original Old World Corner Fretwork in Heritage Designs and Reproduced Them in Durable, Low Maintenance, Powder Coated Aluminium So They Have the Shape and Look of a Hand Turned Wooden Door.

We have captured the original old world corner fretwork and reproduced it in durable, low maintenance aluminium so the doors have the shape and look of a hand turned wooden door. These doors are a long lasting, durable product. In order to increase security, a three point locking system may be fitted or an upgrade from the standard aluminium mesh to Crimsafe mesh and security system.

    Standard Inclusions

        • Your choice of old world design

        • Strong low maintenance aluminium frame

        • 3 Hi Security colour coded hinges

        • Aluminium screen mesh

        • Tasman Black deadlock with snib action

        • Choose from over 80 powdercoat colours

        • Pneumatic door closer in black

        • Bug seal at bottom. No gaps

        • Measured and custom made to fit

        • Keying alike for multiple doors

    Available Options

        • Lockout privacy mesh
        • Tuff screen heavy duty fly wire
        • Crimsafe mesh options
        • Bushfire Bronze mesh
        • Paw proof pet mesh
        • 3 point locking
        • gold, Chrome or Silver handles
        • Frame build outs and difficult fitting
        • Additional timber work

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