Fabric Straight Drop Awnings

Fabric Straight Drop Awnings

LUXAFLEX® Straight Drop Awnings provide both privacy and sun protection and add a stylish and contemporary outdoor finish to your home where space is at a premium.
There are more outdoor fashion awnings for your home at the awnings links on the right.
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        Automatic Verandah Straight Drops have a spring loaded top roller to tension fabric and uses straps to hold down in place.

    Verandah Straight Drop Awnings

        Verandah are very easy to operate using a rope and pulley system to raise and lower the awnings.

    System 2000 Straight Drop

        System 2000 Straight Drop Awnings raises and lowers easily using a rope spool system or motorisation.

    Channel Roll Up Awning

        Channel Roll Up Awnings have specially designed side channels that allows the awning to stop at intermediate positions blocking the sun as and when required.

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